Remembering the Battle of Manila

Fierce street fighting broke out on February 3, 1945 in Manila. After only one month of battle, the Japanese forces were defeated. The warfare took the lives of almost all of the 16,500 Japanese soldiers there and 100,000 Manila residents. The Japanese forces had been ordered to "fight to the death" while the U.S. forces had to unleash intensive artillery attacks to counter the suicidal Japanese resistance. As for the Filipinos, blood-shedding battles took place between collaborators with the Japanese and guerrilla resistance fighters. Now through the first-hand accounts of surviving Japanese soldiers and Philippine citizens, who had been reluctant to speak up until today, Remembering the Battle of Manila reveals the tragedy of the ferocious urban warfare that took place.
Third Place "Certificate for Creative Excellence"
History, Biography
41st US International Video and Film Festival --Los Angels, U.S.A.