Life in Harmony with Nature: Secrets of the Forest -- Finland

Imagine a place where centuries of human activity have shaped the land, yet where people and nature exist in harmony. People in such places have transformed the land to fit their needs but have also carefully maintained nature. This human-shaped environment offers a unique habitat that supports a multitude of life sharing the land. Life in Harmony with Nature travels to these places in different countries to explore the classic pastoral landscapes and the unique relationships between the humans and wild life living there. The program takes a deep look inside local community and nature to find clues to a "sustainable way of life" for future generations.
intermedia-globe Silver
Documentaries: Nature and Wildlife
WorldMediaFestival 2008 - Hamburg , Germany
Third Place "Certificate for Creative Excellence"
Environmental Issues, Concerns
41st US International Video and Film Festival --Los Angels, U.S.A.
"Best Photography, Category: Man and Nature"
Matsalu International Nature Film Festival, 2010 -- Lihula, Estonia