The Last Leopard

Bigger than others of their species, the beautifully furred Amur leopards also live farther north, in eastern Siberia. But due to indiscriminate hunting and poaching and a lack of food, their numbers have decreased drastically. Pushed to the edge of extinction, only 30 Amur leopards remain in the wild. There are efforts to save and restore the forest habitat of the Amur leopard, such as the Russian government's establishment of a nature reserve and WWF-Russia's afforestation project. Will the habitat restoration succeed in saving the leopards? This program follows the plight of the Amur leopards and their daily struggle to survive and considers possible answers.
The award of the official festival partner, Vladivostok branch of "Vneshtorg bank"
2006 - Vladivostok International Film Festival
Special Jury Prize
Best editing
2007 - International Wildlife Film Festival Albert