Chim Don-Don

The heart (chim) beats wild (don-don) at the excitement of life!

Nobuko Higa is the second of four siblings. After Okinawa's return to Japanese rule from the US in 1972, the young Nobuko heads for Tokyo to train as a chef of western cuisine. While she faces the struggles of youth far from home, Nobuko's strong bonds with her family never wanes. And as she grows into adulthood, she begins to reexamine the cuisine of her homeland, eventually deciding on a venture to open her own Okinawan restaurant in Tokyo.
On the 50th anniversary of Okinawa's return unfolds a story of four Okinawan siblings panning that half-century, their laughter and tears, and the beauties of family and homeland.

*"Chim don-don" is an Okinawa dialect describing the heart pounding with excitement at a happy prospect.


Kuroshima Yuina
Nakama Yukie
Omori Nao
Ryusei Ryo
Kawaguchi Haruna
Kamishiraishi Moka