Welcome Home, Monet

Forecast the weather, forecast the future

Nagaura Momone (nicknamed "Monet") grows up in the rich natural setting of an island in northern Japan. After failing all her college exams, a chance remark by a weather forecaster from Tokyo opens Monet's eyes: forecasting the weather allows one to forecast the future. A determined Monet passes the extremely competitive exam to become a forecaster herself. As she begins work at a weather forecasting company in Tokyo, Monet discovers the scope of the job's influence. People's whole lives can be changed by the weather. One day, as news of a huge typhoon rocks the country, Monet decides to return home to help...
In a region still recovering from an unprecedented earthquake and tsunami, one girl struggles to gain the knowledge to predict and cope.


Kiyohara Kaya
Suzuki Kyoka
Sakaguchi Kentaro
Nagase Ren
Makita Aju
Asano Tadanobu
Nishijima Hidetoshi
Fuji Tatsuya
Natsuki Mari
Uchino Seiyo