Darwin's Amazing Animals

From the farthest reaches of the planet to your backyard

Began in 2006, Darwin's Amazing Animals explores fresh, engaging stories from the animal kingdom. Using the latest filming technology, each episode captures rare moments, and sometimes even world-first footage of animal behavior. The series is also characterized by Charlie, its mascot. Charlie jumps in, asks probing questions to help young viewers have a better understanding of the progressing story. Whether it is an exotic seen species hidden in the farthest reaches of the planet or familiar creatures one comes across in daily life, viewers are sure to find surprising sides of the animals' amazing lifestyles!

Episode list

1. School Pride -- Lion, Tanzania
2. Lure of Extreme Tides -- The Bay of Fundy, Canada
3. Green Wave over Tokyo -- Rose-Ringed Parakeet, Japan
4. Tokyo's Hidden Wildlife -- Tama River, Japan
5. Post-Typhoon Recovery -- Tama River, Japan
6. Hold on Tight! -- Japanese Stream Toad
7. Kabuki in the Primate World -- Mandrill, Gabonese Republic, Africa
8. Reeling in Nature's Mysteries -- Chum Salmon, Japan
9. Together through the Ages -- Sika Deer, Nara, Japan
10. Rutting Season in the Ancient Capital -- Sika Deer, Nara, Japan
11. Squid Run -- Market Squid, United States
12. Lizard Like No Other -- Green Iguana, Costa Rica
13. Drama in Bird Paradise -- Sooty Tern, Republic of Seychelles

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