Heirs of the Red Gene: A Century of Chinese Communist Rule

An in-depth look into the workings of cell branches reveals the unknown reality of the Chinese Communist Party

When the Communist Party of China marked its centenary, it had begun a program of ideological education aimed at preserving the "Red Gene." As China's economic growth slows down, the government under the Xi Jinping leadership is pushing a back-to-basics ethos that promotes devotion to the Communist Party. Pilgrims flock to the birthplace of the nation's founder, Mao Zedong. And so much money is being invested in regional development projects intended to preserve the "Red Gene" that it's creating new disparities. But what exactly is the "Red Gene" that dominate the lives of China's 1.4 million people? And what does the Xi Jinping leadership want to achieve by preserving it? This documentary sheds light on what's happening in China by focusing for three months on two desperate Communist Party branches in a province.