REGENERATION: From Bullets to Brotherhood

NHK exclusive: An Australian-born investment banker turns "gang pastor" in one of Cape Town's most dangerous townships

Cape Town is caught in the grip of endless turf wars between dozens of gangs. The police and government have been unable to break the cycle of murder, robbery, gun-running, and drug trafficking. One man making a difference is Andie Steele-Smith, a businessman and pastor who braves the dangers of the slums on a mission to rehabilitate the young men of the gangs. When the coronavirus hit the slums, Steele-Smith brought warring gangs into an unprecedented truce to deliver food to people under lockdown. And he found ways to bring change to the lives of young men who had turned to crime and become trapped in gang life because of poverty. But gang wars continue, and Steele-Smith finds himself on an ongoing mission. In this documentary, Steele-Smith gives a self-filmed, first-person account of the world of the gangs and his efforts to bring regeneration.