The Crisis and My Likability (working title)

A satirical comedy about a slick former TV anchor-turned-university public relations staff who must smooth talk his university out of a seemingly unending barrage of scandals.

Kanzaki Makoto is offered a position at the prestigious Teito University's PR department by his former professor -- now university president -- thanks to his credentials as a popular ex-TV caster. But things go wrong from the outset: suspected research misconduct by a star professor, an anonymous "terrorism" threat to a symposium, non-native species "escaping" from the university's research facilities... Problems arise one after another, and Kanzaki is caught between his indecisive, action-averse management and the insular university board that tries to hide everything from the public. The more he attempts to gloss things over, the more he finds himself cornered. Soon, Kanzaki is asking himself -- what's wrong with this picture?

Written by

Watanabe Aya ("A Gentle Breeze in the Village" "Carnation" "A Stranger in Shanghai")
Matsuzaka Tori
Suzuki Ann
Watanabe Ikkei
Kunimura Jun
Iwamatsu Ryo
Matsushige Yutaka