It's a Cat's Life: The Film

Cats in their own element, filmed over the course of a year

Renowned wildlife photographer Mitsuaki Iwago, in his meetings with cats around the world, had always wanted to film the love in the cat family. In this feature film version of the long-running NHK series, Iwago's eyes follow two stories that unfold in two locations through the seasons.
A small house stands on Inle Lake in Myanmar. Here, a cat family and a human family live together, where their beautiful relationship seem to shimmer on the rippling surface of the water. In Hokkaido, Japan, we see mother cats, male cats, and kittens on a ranch. The exchanges are at times tender, and other times harsh; the cats grow and build their own new world. The film is a poignant portrayal of the love and bond between cats as they are, framed by water and earth.