Actress or bust! From rags to "Osaka's Mother" in the turbulent 20th century

Chiyo is 8 when she leaves home to lessen the load on her penniless family. In her new life as a live-in servant ("ochoyan") in Dotonbori -- Osaka's cultural center -- Chiyo discovers theater. Entranced, she determines to become an actress. Joining a comedy troupe follows, and with this new "family," Chiyo begins to find her own way in life. Hand in hand with the troupe's star actor ("the prince of comedy"), and surrounded by colorful personalities, her adventurous life races through the turbulent years as Osaka is turned upside down by war.

Sugisaki Hana
Narita Ryo
Nagura Jun
Hoshida Hidetoshi
Tortoise Matsumoto
Shinohara Ryoko