Nature Wonder Land XIV

Nature Wonder Land is NHK's prime-time wildlife series targeted to younger audiences, uncovering the wonders of the animal kingdom. In the farthest reaches of Africa, Asia, Americas and Europe, each episode captures incredible moments of rare and familiar creatures, utilizing the latest cameras and devices to present them in a compelling way.

Episode list

1. An Urban Elusive -- Japanese Sparrowhawk, Tokyo
2. Tokyo's Wildlife Survey -- Spring
3. Tokyo's Wildlife Survey -- Summer
4. Cub Scouting -- Lion, Tanzania
5. Sea King -- Orca, Japan
6. Blooming of the Tisza -- Long-Tailed Mayfly, Hungary
7. Furry Ball of Feistiness -- Pallas's Cat, Mongolia
8. Neighbor Helping Neighbor -- Giant Salamander, Japan
9. Ballet in Black -- Parotia, Papua New Guinea
10. Learning the System -- Spotted Hyena, Tanzania
11. Urban Parenting -- Mandarin Duck, Japan
12. Living Fossil -- Gar, United States
13. A Legend Exposed -- Spectacled Bear, Ecuador