The Universe of Kukai -- Senju Hiroshi, a Footprint in Time

An artist's journey to embrace eternity

Kongobuji temple sits atop Koyasan, a mountain of one hundred temples. Built 1200 years ago, it is still a place of intense training and salvation, where many believe its founder monk Kukai still inhabits the mountain mist. Since 2015, internationally renowned artist Senju Hiroshi has poured his soul to create art to fill 44 sliding doors (fusuma) at this revered temple. Now, in the final months before the installation ceremony in October, 2020, the world is forever changed by a global pandemic. Senju's art must take on a renewed message of deliverance in these troubled times. As Kyoto craftsmen endow exquisite woodwork to frame the pieces, Senju continues his quest to create art that will still hold meaning after a thousand years.