Covid-19: Fighting a Pandemic

As the new coronavirus cases multiply in what the WHO calls a global "pandemic," what do we know, how does it spread, and what treatment is available? Through exclusive access to the heart of the Japanese government's coronavirus task team, NHK delivers the latest status (as of end-March 2020) from the frontlines. In terms of airborne infection, an experiment using high sensitivity cameras illustrates how micro particles emitted by humans in normal conversation can linger in mid-air far longer than expected. Also, medical researchers are finding that a number of existing drugs is proving effective in treatment. Of the 1200 tested, at least four are currently in clinical trials.
By inviting to the studio experts on the government's task force, including a former WHO adviser with experience of the SARS epidemic, the program communicates the steps each one of us can take in order to bring the virus under control.