Space Spectacle: Life in the Universe

Our lives are inextricably linked with the universe

Life and the universe are more connected than we ever imagined. The black hole is not the antithesis of life, but may have had a role in the physical make-up of our bodies. Also, "we are not alone." In fact, scientists now believe that there are numerous planets with life throughout the universe. Space Spectacle follows the latest observation technologies breaking new ground in our understanding of the cosmos, a journey spanning 13.8 billion years. Featuring super-realistic 4K CGI and access to experts at the forefront of the latest developments, the cosmic "spectacles" will open the doors to a new worldview.

Episode list

1. The Adventure of Hayabusa 2
2. The Search for Habitable Planets
3. The Mystery of the Black Hole
4. Exploring the Roots of Life on Earth