The Frankenstein Temptation

Welcome to the dark side of science

Science lets people dream, and yet can also be inexorably cruel, just as young Frankenstein's pursuit of the ideal man created a tragic, hideous creature... This series presents incidents buried in history's shadows in a thrilling, intelligent way to reveal the irresistible temptations of science. Backed by exhaustive research and featuring VFX for a unique and stylish visual tone, each episode delves up the stories of scientists who ended up leaning towards the dark side.

Examples of episodes

Resurrecting the Dead -- Robert Cornish
The Manhattan Project and the A-Bomb
The Hydrogen Bomb -- Edward Teller
Lobotomy -- Walter Freeman
Worldwide Wireless -- Nikola Tesla
Mind Control -- Jose Delgado
Radiation Love -- Marie Curie
Super Humans and Cyborg Technology

More episodes are available.