Have A Nice Stay!

Discover the charms of Japan through local accommodations

Where do travels begin? At the travelers' lodgings, of course! Places of accommodation in Japan come in a variety of guises -- traditional ryokan inns, Western-style hotels, guest houses, and even Buddhist temples. They are imbued with long histories as well as new ideas, and sensitivities that have been handed down for generations. This show invites viewers on an overnight stay at these Japanese accommodations, where they will discover unique hospitality and get a taste of the area's local charms.
1. Karuizawa, Nagano
2. Naramachi, Nara
3. Yokohama
4. Aizuwakamatsu, Fukushima
5. Shuzenji, Izu
6. Gamagori, Aichi
7. Sannomiya, Kobe

More episodes are in production.