The Nun's Kitchen Diaries

Vitamins for the soul! Cooking with the seasons

Tucked away in the mountains of Nara, Japan's ancient capital, live nuns who love to cook. Edible grasses and herbs in the summer, nuts and mushrooms in the fall -- using these gifts from nature, the ladies entertain guests with their homemade shojin (Buddhist cuisine) dishes. And each dish is served with a good dollop of laughter on top. Friends also arrive with local vegetables or fresh milk, which are turned into delicious, nourishing menus. The series follows the cheerful nuns and their "slow food" lifestyle across the seasons, as they farm, forage, cook, and eat!

Examples of episodes

April: Bamboo Shoots
May: New Leaves
June: Plums
July: Tanabata Festival
August: Glittering Summer
September: Full-Moon
October: Bountiful Harvest
November: Persimmons
December: The Scent of Yuzu

January: Mochi Rice Cakes

More episodes are available.