Fairy Tales in Court

Attracted many young viewers from tweens to young adults!

This unconventional courtroom drama puts our favorite fairy tale characters on trial. When each takes the stand to tell their side of the story, will it be so easy to judge right from wrong? It is up to the viewers to come up with a suitable ruling. A much talked-about program that challenges viewers to reevaluate their preconceived notions.

Case Example

The Ant and the Grasshopper
The defendant, the Ant, refused to share his food with the Grasshopper who had run out of food in winter. Is the defendant guilty or not guilty of the crime of abandonment leading to death by a person with a duty of protection?

The Three Little Pigs
The defendant, the third little Pig, trapped the Wolf in a large pot filled with boiling water after the Wolf came down the chimney. Was this really self-defence or was it an act of premeditated murder?

Snow White
The defendant, the Queen, being jealous of Snow White's beauty, is accused of trying to kill Snow White with a poisoned apple. The defendant categorically denies the allegation. Is she guilty of attempted murder or is she innocent?
[Trial: Three Little Pigs]
"International Youth Jury/11-15 Fiction"
Prix Jeunesse International, 2016
"Finalist" Kids: TV Movie/Mini-Series
International Emmy, 2018