Amazing Dinoworld

They're fluffy! And colorful! The new "real" in dinosaur research

Dinosaur fossils hitherto discovered account only for 1% of all the dinosaurs that ever walked (or flew, or swam) the Earth. But in the last decade or so, findings in the remaining 99% have accelerated, adding brilliant color -- literally -- to their world. Based on the latest research, this two-part series recreates in gorgeous CGI not only what these creatures looked like, but also how they lived, fought, and died.

Episode 1: A New Land of Dinosaurs
The stage is "land." The latest research indicates that feathered dinosaurs were vastly more widespread and varied than previously thought. And feathers proved transformative. They allowed for more stable body temperatures, which translated into outstanding mobility, even in cold weather. It is also now believed these feathered creatures incubated their eggs as well as engaged in parenting. This episode delivers a whole new world of colorful, fluffy dinosaurs.

Episode 2: Monsters of the Sea
The stage is the "sea." Research has made headway into the world of the "gigantic dragon" that ruled the prehistoric seas. Originally small, land-dwelling lizards that were forced to try their luck in an unknown frontier, they evolved to become awesome killers, able to overpower even the mighty dinosaurs. This episode illustrates their journey to amazing success at sea, and also reveals their unique birthing ability.
A New Land of Dinosaurs
Monsters of the Sea