Dynamic Genomes

So many treasures still waiting to be discovered

Cutting-edge research has found genes are much more flexible than we think. They can change over surprisingly short periods of time, with dramatic effects. Take a journey inside the human body to learn about the mysterious genes that make you who you are.

Episode 1: Hidden Treasures in Our DNA
The genes that have been analyzed to date account for only 2% of our entire DNA. The remaining 98% was considered useless -- until now. Why is it that some people don't succumb to certain diseases? Or why are certain people able to dive underwater for super-human lengths of time? The latest research into this largely uncharted territory shows that some of our so-called "junk DNA" may even unlock the secrets of evolution.

Episode 2: The DNA Switch
All genes have "switches" that turn on and off in response to environmental stimuli. They play a role in preventing cancer or obesity, determining an individual's abilities in retaining memory, or even whether a person has musical talent. Controlling these switches may be possible. This episode delves into the latest research in a realm that could change our lives.
Hidden Treasures in Our DNA
The DNA Switch