Mysterious Planet

Discover nature's greatest mysteries

Our planet still hides many mysteries. Why does the world's largest gathering of whale sharks happen in just one special place off the coast of Mexico? What has it got to do with a meteorite hurtling through space? Why are komodo dragons only found where they are? How did one of Earth's most exquisite rainforests become forgotten? From the strangest animals of Sulawesi to the spooky creatures of the Mayan underworld; from the haunt of pumas and the Mars-like high Andes to a lost world in the African clouds and a war of baboons: Mysterious Planet embarks on a series of epic journeys into the wild, across continents, through millennia, to uncover the answers to the mysteries that shape life.
1. Islands of the Dragon King
2. Giants of the Caribbean
3. Mountains of Fire and Ice
4. Roof of Africa
5. The Forgotten Forest

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