Nature Wonder Land XIII

A discovery of amazing stories hidden in nature

Nature Wonder Land is NHK's prime-time wildlife series targeted to younger audiences, uncovering the wonders of the animal kingdom. In the farthest reaches of Africa, Asia, Americas and Europe, each episode captures incredible moments of rare and familiar creatures, utilizing the latest cameras and devices to present them in a compelling way.
1. Shrouded in Mystery -- River Dolphins, The Amazon
2. Mountain Climbers -- Elephant, Kilimanjaro, Tanzania
3. From Cuddly to Tragedy -- Asiatic Black Bear, Japan
4. Masters of Disguise -- Rare Insects, Costa Rica
5. Tokyo's Autumn Wildlife Kingdom -- Okutama, Japan
6. Tokyo's Winter Wildlife Kingdom -- Okutama, Japan
7. Tokyo's Spring Wildlife Kingdom -- Okutama, Japan
8. Tokyo's Summer Wildlife Kingdom -- Okutama, Japan
9. Through Thick and Thin -- Ring-Tailed Lemur, Madagascar
10. Show-Off or Survival Skill? -- Springbok, Kalahari Desert, Africa
11. Far-Sighted Tie-Up -- Owl, Japan
12. Peacemakers -- Stump-Tailed Macaque, Thailand
13. Rising to the Challenge -- Giara Horse, Sardinia, Italy