Tokyo Rats: Kabukicho's Poisonous Beauty

Infiltrating "the forbidden city"

Ahead of large-scale redevelopment plans before the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, Shinjuku's Kabukicho -- Tokyo's largest red-light district -- is facing major changes. This documentary is directed and narrated by an NHK director who was born and raised near Shinjuku, while her mother runs three mahjong salons including one at the entrance of Kabukicho. For almost the first time in her life, the director goes against her mother's orders to stay away from "the dangerous district" to meet Kabukicho's "misfits" head-on, while contemplating the things that should not be lost and her place in them.
"Gold Camera"
Documentary / Feature Film (over 30 minutes) theatrical or non-theatrical release
US International Film & Video Festival, 2020
"ABU Prize" TV: ABU Perspective Award
ABU Prizes, 2020