Asia's Appetizing Adventures

Culinary specialist Kentetsu Koh travels across Asia

Culinary specialist Kentetsu Koh travels across Asia in search of great home cooking and person-to-person encounters. Join him as he experiences a diversity of tastes and lifestyles throughout the region.

Episode list

Thailand Part 1: Traditional Cuisine of a Border Town
Thailand Part 2: Traditional Cuisine of a Hill Tribe
Taiwan Part 1: A Visit to a Hakka Family
Taiwan Part 2: Orchid Island's Traditions for Catching Flying Fish
Vietnam Part 1: Feasting on the Riches of Rice Paddies
Vietnam Part 2: Visiting the Muong People
Yunnan, China Part 1: The Home of Herbal Medicine
Yunnan, China Part 2: Festival Foods of the Dai People
Malaysia Part 1: A Lesson in Nyonya Cuisine
Malaysia Part 2: The Village of Bountiful Nature
Indonesia Part 1: The Village of Ultimate Fried Chicken
Indonesia Part 2: Discovering the Secrets of Padang Cuisine
Turkey Part 1: Cheese and Flour Cuisine
Turkey Part 2: Cuisine at a Mountain Village