Out of the Cradle

Journeys to become human come to life in riveting CGI

How did the human family's earliest ancestors, weak and arguably helpless, evolve into one of the most successful species on Earth? This 3-part series tells their story, spanning 7 million years and still very much shrouded in mystery, through findings by the latest in paleoanthropology. At crucial junctures, life-like CGI dramatizations by the world's top video game creators take viewers into the prehistoric world on a level rarely seen in a documentary. Witness the great evolutionary journey in this extraordinary visual experience.

Episode list

1. The Origins of Humanity [51'33"]
2. The Archrivals [50'54"]
3. Great Adventures [53'55"]
"Gold Camera" Documentary/Craft, Production Techniques: Animation, Motion Graphics
"Silver Screen" Documentary: Science, Research, Technology
US International Film & Video Festival, 2019