Einstein's Brain Unlocked

The curious fate of a genius's mind

The genius of Albert Einstein never ceases to allure. Following his autopsy in 1955, Einstein's brain is said to have been sliced and scattered among researchers around the world. Where are the pieces now? NHK goes in pursuit of remnants in Japan, the US, Canada, and Argentina, rediscovering hundreds of photos taken during the autopsy as well as an individual in possession of over 100 fragments. The data set is then brought together to build a 3D CGI, successfully "recreating" Einstein's brain as it would have been in his 20s, when he proposed the theory of relativity. An extraordinary journey and the latest in neuroscience turn a new page in the story of the genius's brain.
"Silver Screen" Documentary/Sciense, Research, Tech
US International Film & Video Festival, 2019
"Gold Prize" Science Feature Films
China Dragon Awards (CICSEP), 2019