A World of Boisterous Silence

A year with children who let their hands do the talking

With twinkling eyes, the children read their textbooks "aloud," their animated little hands evocative and expressive. In the past, most schools for the deaf in Japan prioritized learning oral speech and lip reading, and banned sign language. But one school in Tokyo is treading a different path. It conducts all of its classes in JSL, or Japanese Sign Language. Here, the children learn to embrace themselves as they are, and in time, leave to find their way in a hearing world. The program records a year at this unique school, where the classrooms are filled with boisterous silence.
"intermedia-globe GOLD" Education: General Education
World Media Festivals, 2019
"SIGNIS Special Prize"
Prix Italia, 2019
"The UNICEF Prize"
Japan Prize, 2019