Denali -- The Ultimate Descent

An incredible ski adventure in 4K HLG-HDR

Daredevil skier Daisuke Sasaki embarks on a death-defying descent down the Southwest Face of Denali, the peak formerly known as Mount McKinley (6,190m). It's a fall of some 3,000m, on a slope at points as steep as 55 degrees. Temperatures can dip to 30 below zero Celsius, with winds up to 30m per second, and oxygen level at 40% what it would be on the ground. NHK assembles a team of first-class specialists to accompany the adventure, with eight UHD cameras to capture the thrilling ride. The result is an immersive 4K experience on the highest mountain peak in North America, where one split-second judgment can mean the difference between life and death.