A quirky A to Z on the human body

A stylish offshoot of the NHK science series The Body, this program presents a unique perspective on the human body aimed at a younger audience. Each episode is made up of 1-to-4-minute segments, some of them animated, others using subtle comedy. Some of the top creative talents in Japan bring their vision to these segments, combining them with 4K microscope images and CGI from the parent series to draw audiences into the beautiful and amazing world inside all of us.

Episode list

1. Kidneys
2. Bones
3. Large Intestine
4. Muscles
5. Heart
6. Fat
7. Lungs
8. Brain
9. Small Intestine
10. Blood
11. Liver
12. Stomach
13. Baby
14. Eyes
15. Ears
16. Mouth
17. Skin

9 more episodes coming in Spring 2020

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