Nature Wonder Land XII

A discovery of amazing stories hidden in nature

Nature Wonder Land is NHK's prime-time wildlife series targeted to younger audiences, uncovering the wonders of the animal kingdom. In the farthest reaches of Africa, Asia, Americas, Middle East and Europe, each episode captures incredible moments of rare and familiar creatures, utilizing the latest cameras and devices to present them in a compelling way.

Episode list

1. Wondrous Paradise -- Ruaha National Park, Tanzania
2. Urban Kingdom -- Water Monitor, Thailand
3. Magical Hunter -- Cheetah, Namibia
4. Dietary Detox -- Zanzibar Red Colobus, Tanzania
5. Mouthy Warrior of the Sea -- Alien Fish, Los Angeles, USA
6. Taking Center Stage -- Cock of the Rock, Suriname
7. Matchmaking Party -- Topi, Kenya
8. Living the City Life -- Otter, Singapore
9. A Family Affair -- Meerkat, Kalahari Desert
10. Ample Babysitters -- Barbary Macaque, Morocco
11. It's Now Black and White -- Common Zebra, Africa
12. Synchronized Sway -- Spotted Garden Eel, Japan
13. Itsy-Bitsy Buzzing Beauty -- Bee Hummingbird, Cuba