The Fisherman and the Forest

The life and passion of a man who planted trees for the sea

Oyster farmer Shigeatsu Hatakeyama is something of a maverick. He is a fisherman, author, university professor, and UN award recipient. At a time when industrialization was devastating the ocean, he called upon an academic to conduct a survey, and then began planting trees. More than three decades later, a healthy forest, river, and ocean create one of the finest oysters in the world. Even after the 2011 great tsunami had swept everything away, nature proved resilient. Hatakeyama restarted his oyster farm, and now passes his love for the sea to his grandson. Using 4K images, the program captures Hatakeyama's small bay, its richness, and the ongoing cycle of life.
"Commended Entry" TV ABU Perspective
ABU Prizes, 2018
"Gold World Medal" Documentary: Environment & Ecology
New York Festival, 2019
"Special Jury: Foreign Language" People & Nature
Jackson Wild Media Awards, 2019