Train Cruise

All aboard! Come explore Japan from the railways

From luxury trains that offer a relaxing experience to gourmet trains that serve the finest food, riding the rails in Japan is never dull. We not only journey on the country's major railways but also hop on local trains to visit places that are truly off the beaten track. This program exposes viewers to spectacular scenery, relaxed lifestyles, and traditional cultures along the tracks, while also revealing the charms of Japan's local regions that can really only be experienced on its trains.

Episode list

1. The Cities, Mountains, and Seas of Osaka and Wakayama [47'00"] 206774
2. Visiting the Land of Japanese Myths [42'35"] 206828
3. Feel the Samurai Spirit in Kumamoto and Kagoshima [46'00"] 206829
4. Into the Winter of Japan's Far North [45'00"] 206830
5. Along the Coast of the Seto Inland Sea [42'11"] 206831
6. A Volcanic Peninsula on a Single-Car Train [43'45"] 206832
7. Heartbeat of a Northern Land [44'08"] 206833
8. Along the Mountain Rivers of Fukushima and Miyagi [45'00"] 206834
9. The Treasures of Country Life outside Osaka [44'00"] 206835

More episodes are available.