It's a Cat's Life

Following the footsteps of felines from around the world

Where there are people, there are likely to be cats. Follow internationally-renowned wildlife photographer Mitsuaki Iwago as he works his magic to capture cats around the world as only he can in this one-of-a-kind animal/travel series. City cats, farm cats, house cats, and not-so-house cats -- they all play guides for Iwago's camera, giving us glimpses of their cities, stores, and famous World Heritage sites. With the cameras at cat-level, see what cats see, think, and do. Enjoy 30 minutes of cat-ful-ness!

Episode list

Islands of the Aegean Sea, Greece
Marrakech, Morocco
Andalusia, Spain
Corleone, Italy
Hawaii, USA
Norwegian Forest, Norway
Paris, France
Islands of Lake Titicaca
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
New York, USA
Sri Lanka

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