Late Night Show with Nitty & Gritty

An offbeat puppet talk show that has Japan's late night crowd talking!

People have their obsessions. Some have pasts. Many may not be "worthy" of mainstream television coverage, but we often read about them buzzing on social media. This show encourages and celebrates these weird, dark, niche, and definitely underground ways of life through a candid talk show using puppets! Why puppets? Guests are freer to speak their minds. And the stylized puppet recreations make the guests and the topics -- from the incomprehensible "work" hours of an online game addict, to the exorbitant lengths to which an otaku goes to become "TO" (Top Ota), to the bizarre rituals of a multiple lottery winner -- strangely relatable (and entertaining!) to the viewers. A savvy format with real-life voices that has drawn in new audiences!
"Silver Screen" Entertainment: Interview / Talk
US International Film & Video Festival, 2020