Pingu in the City

Pingu is back in 3D-CGI

The globally adored, Swiss-born character Pingu is back with new stories and new characters. This fresh, fun series brings the cheeky penguin and his world back to life using 3D computer graphics, totally recreating the texture of the original claymation, which began in the 1980s.
Pingu has moved with his family to the big city from a small village. He meets many other penguins doing interesting jobs, from chefs to florists to carpenters. How exciting for the curious little penguin! He tries to give them a hand, but sometimes his mischievousness gets him into trouble. But thanks to his cheerful spirit and wit, he's saved every time.


Original story: Otmar Gutmann
Director: Naomi Iwata
"Silver Hugo" Animated Series, Television Productions
Chicago International Television Festival, 2018
"Finalist" Best 2D Animated Programme
Asian Television Awards
"Finalist" Animated Short
Children's Film Festival Seattle, 2019