WILDLIFE -- Hive Hunters: Oriental Honey Buzzards

Revealing the secrets of a great winged predator battling fearsome insects

Every year oriental honey buzzards set up home in Japan's Shirakami Mountains. The extraordinary birds of prey choose to raise their young in the pristine mountainside forests.
Oriental honey buzzards prey on the hives of stinging insects. To overcome their powerful foe the winged predators have evolved tightly packed feathers, which act as a suit of armor against their prey's venomous stingers. These hive-hunting birds are also great migrators. Each year they will fly 20,000 kilometers during their epic migrations. Along the way, these robust birds of prey must take on some of the world's most fearsome insects. To breach their prey's ferocious defense, the hive-hunting birds must go to extraordinary lengths. As the two come to blows, both predator and prey must fight for their survival.