Nature Wonder Land XI

A discovery of amazing stories hidden in nature

NHK proudly presents its 11th Nature Wonder Land series. This unique half-hour wildlife series uncovers the fascinating stories of a wide range of animals from Africa, Asia, Americas, Middle East and Europe. Viewers will enter the worlds of creatures rarely seen before and marvel at their power and beauty.

Episode list

1. The Great Magician of the Sea -- Bryde's Whale, Thailand
2. Challenges of Fatherhood -- Indri, Madagascar
3. Smotherly Love -- North Pacific Giant Octopus, Japan
4. Not all Fluff and Feathers -- Great Gray Owl, Canada
5. Foot-Flagging Ninja Hopper -- Black-Spotted Rock Frog, Malaysia
6. Tiny Terror -- Japanese Tiger Beetle, Japan
7. Elusive Survivor -- Arabian Wolf, Israel
8. Amazing Comeback -- Ayu, Japan
9. Quick and Tidy! -- Sengi, Africa
10. Taking to the Skies -- Oriental Stork, Japan
11. Funny Face -- Common Potoo, Brazil
12. Precious Neighbors -- Japanese Pond Turtle, Japan
13. Attractive Yet Poisonous -- Spotfin Lionfish, Philippines