Moribito Final

Balsa's Fate

The long-awaited third and final season of the fantasy-myth saga.
The human world is awash with intrigue and war as the fates of four kingdoms intertwine. After winning trust from Rota's king in season II, Balsa and Prince Chagum embark on a new mission to procure peace between the Kingdoms of Rota and Kambal, in the hopes the alliance will stop Talsh from advancing further into Chagum's kingdom of Shin-Yogo.
But the king of Kambal has other plans. He strong-arms Balsa into fighting his mysterious enemy the "King of the Mountains," just as he once forced her father to take part in his plot to usurp the throne. Balsa accepts, only to discover that the chief protector of the mountain king is none other than her foster father Jiguro...
Meanwhile, the will of the spirit world materializes in the form of a massive flood headed towards Shin-Yogo. Faced with Talsh's attack from the south and a horrendous flood from the north, are all hopes lost for Shin-Yogo? Or can Balsa overcome her personal demons and save the kingdom, ultimately restoring harmony between the human and spirit worlds?

Featuring state-of-the-art VFX and a stellar cast, the epic fantasy drama is based on the novel seriesGuardian of the Spirit, which has sold over 4.5 million copies worldwide.


Haruka AYASE
Kengo KORA
Takeshi KAGA

Other seasons

Season 1 - Moribito: Guardian of the Spirit 1 x 73 min. + 3 x 58 min.
Season 2 - Moribito II: The Anguish of the Destroyers 9 x 58 min.