A simple & stylish introduction of Japan

From the winners of the Peabody Awards and many other honors for their minimalist expression of images and music, comes a brand new show --JAPANGLE-- which introduces the beauty of Japan with stunning 4K images. It is targeted at children worldwide and presented from the perspective of two puppet characters, a professor and his assistant, from an unknown country who are studying Japan. Each episode looks at a common topic, such as public restrooms, manga, and sushi, presenting them from four angles -- design, history, technique, and spirit. Children learn the methodology for gaining insight about things and their environment by deconstructing them in multiple and varied ways.
Discover fresh perspectives on Japan, a land of wonders.

Episode list

1. Public Rest Rooms
2. Manga
3. Sushi
4. Train Stations
5. Baths
6. Packaging
7. Ramen Noodles
8. Hairstyling
9. Sweets and Snacks
10. Stylized Movement
11. Water
12. Japanese-style Room
13. Rice
14. School
15. Tokyo

More episodes are in production.
"3rd Prize"
Category11-15 Non-Fiction

Prix Jeunesse, 2018