A Tale of Love and Honor -- Life in Gion

The exclusive and authentic world of Kyoto's teahouses

Kyoto bustles with tourists, but there is one place they cannot enter: the teahouses of Gion. When night falls in the narrow streets of this historic district, nearly 100 geishas stream into teahouses to entertain customers with their artistic skills, such as classical music and dance. Only a handful of invited guests are allowed inside. 77-year-old Kimi Ota is an Okami, a "house mother," who manages a 200-year old teahouse. An Okami of Tomiyo must be a woman, and cannot wed. Take a peek into the secretive world of geishas and witness their proud and wistful stories.
"Bronze World Medal"
Documentary: Cultural Issues
New York Festival, 2018
"Intermedia-globe Silver"
Documentaries: Culture
WorldMediaFestival, 2018