Inspiring Landscapes

Japan seen through its colorful seasons in 4K

Snow-melt water shimmering in the streams of spring; brilliant new green leaves shining in the forest of early summer; the bright and crystal clear ocean sparkling in mid-summer; the countryside readying for the harvest in autumn; snow-blanketed mountains shimmering in winter...
Each season in Japan is incomparably diverse and offers amazingly different appearances. Nature has played an important role in developing the culture and mindset of the Japanese people. Inspiring Landscapes uses sophisticated camerawork to portray the rich nature, stunning settings, and unique animals found in Japan. Revel in the atmosphere of this country's idyllic nature, which nurtured its people's spirit.
Tokunoshima Island, Kagoshima
Mount Aso, Kumamoto
Hills of Ome, Tokyo
Sea of Yakushima Island, Kagoshima
Miyakojima Island, Okinawa
Sea of Nishiizu, Shizuoka
Kurokawa Valley, Hyogo
Chomonkyo Valley, Yamaguchi
Myokokogen, Niigata