Fairy Tales in Court

Attracted many young viewers from tweens to young adults!

This is an unconventional courtroom drama that puts our favorite fairy tale characters on trial. Our fairy tales are mostly moral stories with clear distinctions between heroes and villains. But would it be so easy to judge right from wrong if we called upon different characters to give their own accounts of events?
The episodes finish just before the final sentences are handed down. After hearing what each character has to say, it will be up to the viewers to come up with a suitable ruling. What caused the characters to act the way they did? Are their testimonies reliable? Is the accused guilty or not guilty? It's a much talked-about courtroom drama that challenges viewers to reevaluate their preconceived notion.

Case Example

The Ant and the Grasshopper
The Three Little Pigs
Snow White
[Trial: Three Little Pigs]
"International Youth Jury/11-15 Fiction"
Prix Jeunesse International, 2016
"Finalist" Kids: TV Movie/Mini-Series
International Emmy, 2018