WILDLIFE -- Ingenious Molluscs of the Volcanic Sea: Coconut Octopus

A small strait in Indonesia is home to an Octopus with a difference. Coconut octopuses are crafty, intelligent and full of surprises.
The resourceful molluscs fashion extraordinary homes from discarded coconuts. They use their coconut homes for both shelter and strategic ambushes on wandering crabs.
Coconut octopuses are not the only 8-armed molluscs lurking in Indonesia; masterful mimic octopuses also call the waters home. The bizarre octopuses have mastered the art of mimicry and are thought to be able to impersonate over ten different animals.
In December, Indonesia's water temperature begins to rise. The warmer waters trigger the coconut octopuses mating season. Mothers lay eggs inside their precious coconut shells.
Tiny hatchlings enter their aquatic world in their thousands and must learn fast in order to survive.