WILDLIFE -- Insect Architects: Cathedral Termites

Australia's Northern Territory is a haven for Cathedral termites. The industrious insects construct giant homes in order to survive in their often-hostile environment.
Termite colonies face many dangers in Australia's sweltering grassy plains. Soldier termites must be on constant guard to protect their home from vicious ant invasions.
The Northern Territory's ferocious weather poses the most serious risk to Australia's termites. During the dry season temperatures can soar to a blistering 40 degrees Celsius. At this time the hardworking insects must shelter in their protective mounds to avoid both the blistering heat and fierce wildfire.
As the rainy season commences the relentless rains flood the termite's surroundings. All the water dissolves the termite mound's mud walls. At this time worker termites must work around the clock to salvage their collapsing homes.