Why are they alike? How are they different?

The natural world is full of mimicry -- things with similar shapes, patterns, or movements. Mimicries, a natural science program for 3-to-7-year-olds, sparks children's curiosity, hones their observation skills, and nurtures an interest in science.
Instead of providing answers, Mimicries is designed to encourage children to use their creativity, imagination, and logical thinking to arrive at their own explanations. With its lively pace, the program offers a mix of 1-to-3-minute segments combining live-action footage, computer graphics and animation.

Episode list

1. Black and White
2. Stars
3. Upside-Down
4. Mystery Objects
5. Faces
6. Ball-Shaped Eyes
7. Swirling Flows
8. Eyespots
9. Digging
10. Folds
11. Fooled You
12. Close
13. Yellow Eyes
14. Layers
15. Secrets of Hexagons
16. Spinning Around
17. Billowing
18. Fluffy
19. Vibration
20. Spots
21. Climbing
22. Rhythm
23. Pink
24. Secrets of Owl Feathers
25. Sticky Water
More episodes are in production.
"Best Television Program Award, Television Program" Taiwan International Children's Film Festival, 2016
"STEM Competition Award"
Chicago International Children's Film Festival, 2016