Fly Albatross! The Great Relocation Project

The albatross is a majestic bird with a three-meter wingspan. But its slow and clumsy movement on land, once made it a target of overhunting, pushing the albatross on the verge of extinction. Today, a grand plan to increase the population of these birds by humans is finally seeing success. As a volcanic eruption threatened the main nesting grounds of the albatross off the shores of Japan, the plan was formulated to move the birds 350 kilometers away to an uninhabited island. The researchers of this unprecedented project took on the challenge through trial and error, and eight years later the birds have settled, and a new generation of albatross was born. This is the first-ever successful case to relocate and breed an endangered species of seabirds. This program is a record of the astounding feat to save the regal albatross, against the splendid backdrop of the Ogasawara Islands, a World Natural Heritage site.
"Tallinn Zoo Special Prize" Matsalu International Nature Film Festival, 2016