What You Taught Me About My Son

What is it like to have autism?

A story of hope engendered through the encounter of a Japanese boy and a British author. Naoki Higashida, a 13-year-old with severe autism, wrote a book of essays called The Reason I Jump in 2007. It reveals the inner heart of a person with autism. This book caught the attention of writer, David Mitchell, who was searching for insight into understanding his own autistic son. Upon reading the Japanese book, David felt that his own son was speaking to him through Naoki's words. In hope to help other families around the world who grapple with autism, David translated Naoki's book, which became an international bestseller translated into over 20 languages. Later, David visited Naoki to learn more about his son.
"SILVER SCREEN, DOCUMENTARY: Documentary Programs: Current Affairs"
U.S. International Film & Video Festival, 2015 -- Los Angeles, U.S.A.
"SIGNIS SPECIAL PRIZE: the Winner, Prix Italia award for Documentary/Cultural Television Programs"
Prix Italia, 2015 -- Torino, Italy
"intermedia-globe GOLD, Documentaries/Global Issues"
WorldMediaFestival, 2015 -- Hamberg, Germany