WILDLIFE -- Sophisticated Farmers: Leafcutter Ants

Deep in the tropical forests of Central America lives an extraordinary creature -- the leafcutter ant. For over 50 million years, it has been part and parcel of this jungle terrain, cultivating the land and creating a labyrinth of underground farms. Unlike other species of ant, leafcutter ants produce a diverse range of sounds and scientists have finally managed to tune into this unique world of communication. These tiny creatures live in one of the most complex societies known in the animal kingdom, and they play a crucial role in the wellbeing of the forest. But the leafcutter's garden-like home is no Eden; nature presents many obstacles and delivers daily challenges to these miniature workers' lives.
"Best Director Award, Nature"
Matsalu Nature Film Festival, 2014 -- Matsalu, Estonia
"Siemens Discovery Award"
Science Film Festival, 2014 -- Bangkok, Thailand