WILDLIFE -- Crossing the Cliffs: Nubian Ibex

In Israel, a range of 400-meter towering cliffs forms a spectacular backdrop to the briny waters of the Dead Sea. This is home to some of the hardiest animals on earth -- the Nubian Ibex. Ibexes make a death-defying journey down to the valley floor every morning in search of food and water. They later return to the very top of the cliff to spend the night to keep safe from carnivorous predators. When the dry season arrives in September, male Nubian ibexes battle fiercely over females. With their meter-long horns, they clash perilously along the edges of the cliffs. During the rainy season in February, when the desert turns green, the ibexes don't come down the dangerous cliffs. Instead, they spend their days foraging on top of the cliffs. There, young males practice locking horns as they prepare to go off on their own. This program depicts the fascinating lives of Nubian ibexes, great-horned warriors that thrive along these sheer cliffs.